We will be moving to NW 6.5 at our HS in a couple weeks and wondered if
anyone has looked at using the Portable Home Directory feature of 10.4
with Netware homes? We still have 2 directories to manage (OpenDirectory
on OS X Server and eDir on Netware) and so users have 2 homedir to keep
track of. We don't plan to integrate our directories this summer as we
only use Netware for homedirs at our High School.

We are beginning to roll out laptops (iBooks) for teachers and would
like to use the PHD feature of 10.4 to allow the teacher to have all
their documents regardless of where they are or even if they have
network/internet access. It works great on our 10.4 OS X Server base
homedirs, but I wondered if we could use a HS Teacher's Netware home as
the PHD location. The mac users are managed in Workgroup Manager
connected to our district OD Master.

Also, can Netware homedirs be made automountable as that seems to be a
requirement of assigning them as the user's homedir in OS X.