I'm trying to setup NFS on one of our NetWare servers, so a directory on
one volume can be used on a HP-UX server. In the past - in a testscenario -
I managed to get this working. But know, when we really need it, I can't
get it working anymore. Here's what I tried to do.
- I've imported the NIS-information of the HP-UX(version 11)-machine in
our NDS. Is it correct this HP-UX server is the so called NIS Domain?
- I've exported a directory on one of our NetWare 6.5 servers (with SP3)
for use on the HP-UX server. Is it correct this server should be the
remote NIS-server?
- In our NDS I've made the above mentioned Domain a member of the above
mentioned NIS-server. How do I configure the NFSADMIN-properties so the
information in our NDS can be used by the HP-UX server? For example, is it
required that the root-user in the NDS has the same password as the root-
user on the HP-UX server?
- which post SP3 patches for NW65 are required?

Any assistance would be appreciated. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Especially because in the past I already had it working.

Hielko, the Netherlands