Hi all,

I started asking about this problem a couple weeks ago and got sidetracked, so I will try again.

We are trying to use NFAP to share files on a NetWare server with PCs (W2K pro or XP pro) authenticating to an Active
Directory and only running Microsoft's CIFS based client. We are running into two problems that I think are related to
one another and to NFAP, but I don't know what to do about them.

First of all, we have PCs that, upon bootup in the morning, and following authentication to the AD domain, "lock up" at
a background color screen with just the mouse cursor (the background is usually light blue unless a user has changed
his/her screen background color). What seems to be locking up the PC is an attempt to pass the authentication on from
AD to eDir so the user can gain access to the files on our NetWare server. This was diagnosed by a consultant using
some MS tracing capabilities and confirmed by the fact that a typo in my CIFSTXS.CFG file caused this to happen for one
whole OU. Once I fixed the typo, that whole department could suddenly log in cleanly. However, I still occasionally
see this same problem on certain PCs. The work-around so far has been to reboot the PC. For some reason, a reboot
allows the authentication process to complete properly.

The second problem that we are finding is that PCs will lose their connection to the NetWare file resources and the MS
operating system will take them "off line". An icon appears in the bottom right tray with a message indicating that one
is working off line and must resynchronize). If the user is working on a word processor or spreadsheet program, they
may be able to get back on in a minute or they may completely lose their drive mappings, forcing them to reboot. If
they are using a database like Access, they have their whole Access table filled with gibberish and can do nothing
further unless they close Access and reopen it.

I think that both problems are related to network timing issues. It appears that the MS Domain Controllers are relaying
information about the availability of the NetWare file resources and that some "keepalive" signal is being lost along
the way. Consequently, the MS DCs are telling the PCs that the NetWare server has disappeared. At bootup, the result
is the blank screen with cursor; in Access, the result is gibberish; in other situations drive letters are lost or
aggravating warning messages pop up. At bootup, the solution is a reboot; from Access the solution is to restart
Access; in other situations the solution is to simply retry the operation, to "refresh" the network by trying other
network operations, to restart the affected application, or to reboot. All along, Internet and port 27 traffic seems to
stay connected just fine, so it is something related to the MS network drivers.

I have tried to use a registry setting called "SlowLinkTimeOut", and it reduces the frequency of this problem, but it
does not completely solve it.


Has anyone else seen this problem? Are there parameters on the NetWare server that need to be changed? At the MS
workstation? I'm guessing that it is a timeout problem. Any ideas? Any solutions?

Here is some background information:

Novell NetWare 6
Support Pack Revision 03
(C) Copyright 1983-2003 Novell Inc. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending.
Server Version 5.60.03 March 27, 2003
Novell eDirectory Version 8.6.2 SMP
NDS Version 10350.23 June 17, 2003
Server License: Novell NetWare 6 Server 600 Not Acquired

cifs info
CIFSNLM Operating Parameters:
Server - "ASHFILE3"
Comment - "ASHFile3 - Common File Server #3"
Authentication - "Domain (passthrough)"
Domain - "COMMON"
Oplocks - Disabled
Async Read - Disabled
Unicode - Disabled
Share point - "Data"
Share point - "Apps"
Share point - "GISData"
Share point - "DeptApps"
Share point - "DeptData"
Share point - "PersonalData"
Share point - "NetApps"
Share point - "NetData"
Volume in drive F is SYS
Volume Serial Number is AC10-0138

nss version
NSS: Enabled
Version: 3.03 (Build 656)

Directory of F:\SYSTEM
02/24/2003 06:09a 353,212 cifs.nlm
02/24/2003 06:12a 83,920 cifsprox.nlm
11/09/2001 10:34a 110 cifsstop.ncf
11/09/2001 10:34a 107 cifsstrt.ncf
03/04/2003 05:06a 42,292 nssshim.nlm

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Craig Wickstrom