Am running NetWare 6.0 with SP4

I can't seem to find any definitive documentation on if NFAP/CIFS needs
NetBios support on the clients.

This white paper



Trying to update SMB to something more open and reliable, Microsoft sent
CIFS to the standards committees. The good news about CIFS over SMB comes
from the protocol support: TCP/IP rather than NetBIOS. If nothing else, be
thankful that Microsoft finally purged NetBIOS from (most of) their
systems, eliminating the need to try and manage a weak, local, insecure
communication pseudo-protocol.


which I would hope would mean NFAP/CIFS doesn't need this "weak, local,
insecure communication pseudo-protocol" (Pity it doesn't mention it was
developed by IBM, not Microsoft!)

However, when I go to a W2003 server and disable the "Netbios over TCP/IP"
in the Wins tab of the advanced TCP/IP protocol properties - I can no
longer access my NetWare CIFS servers - as soon as I re-enable NetBios
over TCP/IP I get the access back.

I haven't done any packet traces to find out what's going on - if not
using NetBios my understanding is it should all be over TCP 445 (not
TCP/UDP 135/138/139)

Has this changed with SP5 and later patches for NW6?

What about with NW6.5? I know some CIFS functionality was added with 6.5
such as PDC emulation


Mike Crabtree