My configuration is that I want to have one quick find web server, that
references various volumes on a Netware cluster. All servers are netware

I want to reference the remote server volumes via a file system index
(not crawled),, need to preserve the trustees.

I see in the instructions for quickfind that this is now possible, but
you have to use the NFS Gateway (which I have installed on the quickfind
server). The instructions say "install and configure the gateway per the
NFS gateway instructions, and quickfind does the rest"

But neither instructions explain some specifics that I need. like do you
have to mount the remote volumes for the gateway, and then configure
quickfind against the shadow volumes , and/or do you need NFS on the
cluster volumes/servers.

I am hoping that full NFS is not required, has someone actually completed
a similar configuration. I see that there are previous posts of people
attempting this, but that was not possible at the time (due to previous
versions of netware etc)