Hi there

I'm trying to sync up the SDI keys on our tree, in the vain hope I can get
NFAP for Windoze working.
When I run SDIDiag and use RESYNC -T -A >> sync.txt I get the following
error in the report file:

[Processing Server 6 of 21]
Processing Server .ADNAT.ITS.TWP.TWP.
Synchronize Server .ADNAT.ITS.TWP.TWP. ...
revoke on .ADNAT.ITS.TWP.TWP.: [FAILED] rc=-255
- Could not be processed. (error = -255)
- Processing complete.

Can anyone shed any light on how to sync the key on this server? I've tried
initsdi, I've recreated the w0.kap object and granted the appropriate
rights, I've recreated all the SAS service objects and server certificates.