As a solution for accessing UNIX-files on a NetWare-server, we've acquired
NFS Gateway for NetWare 6.5. I've tested this on our testserver running
NetWare 6.5 with the latest patches installed and this works fine. The
exported Unix-directory is succesfully mounted and can be used on our

On one of our production servers (where we want to use this feature) also
running NetWare 6.5 with the latest patches the same exported UNIX-
directory cannot be mounted! We get the following error on the console:

Could not change volume xyz to the ACTIVE state
Use 'NSS /ErrorCode=20000' to obtain more information.

Executing NSS /ErrorCode=20000 gives the following information:

Anyone a clue (and a solution for it) what's going wrong?

Hielko, the Netherlands