We had the original version of AFP installed (The one from NetWare 6.5 sp3
overlay). Pcounter and nds usernames were working when printing from macs.
I was told to apply n65nss3a patch for memory leak fixes. I applied this
patch and our pcounter product and mac would no longer work correctly. When
a user would print it would show up on the pcounter screen with the local
mac username instead of the nds one. So then I looked at the knowledge base
and found that there was an even new afptcp.nlm out there. So, I applied
65afp239 to my server and pcounter worked again. It showed the nds username
for print jobs and not the local mac username. But, when you try to copy a
file to a nss volume you get the error "Sorry, the operation could not be
completed beecause an unexpected error occurred (Error code -61)." The file
would copy but it would contain 0 bytes. So, pcounter is working for
printer accounting but mac users can not use volumes for file storage. So,
I decided to go back to the original version of afptcp.nlm that shipped with
NetWare 6.5 sp3. Now we can copy files to and from the volumes without
errors and pcounter works. There were a number of fixes since this version
and I am worried these problems are going to start showing up. Has anyone
else seen these sorts of problems? Oh, by the way, on the Mac's we are
running OS X Tiger (10.4.2)



Brian T. Payne BS, CNA 5, Net+
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
email: bpayne@mvnu.edu