Here's my setup:

Netware 5.1 + SP8e
Applied nfap1sp5.exe
Applied tcp587h.exe
Applied 51sp8srv.exe

CIFS.NLM version 1.60 August 24, 2004

I don't run AFP or NFS, so I commented out.

On my Windows XP client, I can map a drive to it using same userid/password
as before.

I can read the file but unable to save it.

This seems to apply to MS word, excel, powerpoint type of docs in Office.

It says "Word cannot save or create this file". It almost seems like a
permission problem but when checked,
I have even assigned supervisor permission rights to the folder, it still
won't save.

When I select a file, right-click and move to bring up the 'Copy here'
command in Windows explorer.
It says 'Cannot copy xxxxx.doc: Access is denied'.

What's causing this? I don't think the previous version of CIFS has this