We have two servers which were running Netware 6.0 at SP3 and exporting
their volumes to our Sun Solaris 8 workstations via NFAP NFS without
incident. Upon applying Service Pack 5 and the NSS Post-SP5 patch
NW6NSS5C, our Unix workstations can no longer write to the NFS exported
volumes. They can read files and modify file and directory attributes
without any difficulty. However, when attempting to either create a new
file or modify an existing one, the workstation I/O process hangs, with
periodic 'Unable to contact server X' warnings. The process attempting
the data write cannot be killed, even with a -9 signal. Furthermore,
attempts to read from the directory from another workstation also hangs
at that point. The offending Unix workstation needs to be rebooted to
clear the hung I/O process and free up the filesystem for reads. (When
creating a new file, it creates the directory entry, but the file never
acquires any data - it remains at 0 bytes). Note that applying the
N60NFS5A and TCP610L patches have had no affect on this problem. Neither
has attempting to roll either/both UNIXLIB.NLM and/or NFSSERV.NLM to
either their SP4 or SP3 versions helped.

Throughout all of the foregoing pain, accessing the volume via NCP from
Windows workstations running client 4.9x continues to work fine. (This
leads me to believe that there isn't an NSS volume damage issue, though I
may be mistaken in this assumption.)

Anyone seen anything remotely resembling this? (I searched this forum
and the knowledgebase and could not find anything.)