I have CIFS configured for domain passthrough on a number (10+) NetWare 6
SP5 servers.

Initially, this worked fine - all excepting one server which refused to
work in domain passthrough mode, but would work perfectly well in local
mode with simple passwords.

Now, after the weekend only a handful of servers respond to a CIFS login
whilst the majority simply don't.

I've run an nmasmon * against these servers and what is peculiar is that
they register no activity at all. However, if I put CIFS into local mode
everything chatters into life.

I have checked that NMAS login methods are installed correctly, I have run
SDIDIAG, checked licencing. Everything appears to be in order.

To confirm details: All servers or NW6 SP5 with eDir 8.7.1 with the
CIFSSPT9 patch installed.

Is this a fundemental NMAS or NICI problem?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


James Graham