We have a strange problems with afp (2.39) running on a NW6.5SP3 plus all
known post patches like mentioned in the thread "afp Problems on NW6.5SP3",
but we have also a weired drag and drop Problem on our Mac's.

When a Mac OSX 10.4.2 user tries drag and drop a folder (connected via afp)
wich is located on a nework volume, then this action is denied, this happens
not to all folders only to some, so in the first view i thought it might be
a permission problem, bu it aint.

So we have a funny workaround wich we also will use for our main problem.

Under MacOSX 10.4.2 the user start the classic enviroment and mounts the
volume under the classic enviroment and guess what happens, the folder that
could not be moved via drag and drop (where the mount was made under osx
direct) now that it is mounted under the classic enviroment there is no drag
and drop Problem anymore

As mentioned above, we will also use this procedure for 2 weeks to see if
our main problem goes away.

I realy don't know where to look i only can guess that there is difference
when mount via OSX and when mounting via classic enviroment under OSX

Propably someone has an idea why this happens

Best regards
Ufuk Altinkaynak