I was just made aware of a troubling problem that is happening w/ the macs.

Mac user (osX 10.3.9) reported that he can't copy a file from one nw6.0
server to another. the file just "disappears". I checked the destination,
and can't see a file w/ the pc...but "salvage" can see that this user
allegedly deleted the file, and it was 0kb. the original file was 1.6mb.

This only seems to happen with autocad .dxf files.

another user reported similar behavior with another application called
"sketchup", which is a 3d drawing program. They can not "save" files to the
netware volume; they just disappear. however, when the user demonstrated
this for me, I went in w/ a pc, and could NOT salvage anything. This only
happens with the latest version of the program; previous version allows
saves. Also, w/ these files, users can move them around without issue;
they just can't "save" the files, or they'll get deleted. So they've been
working from their desktops, and copying the files to the server when
they're through.

Server "a" is nw6.0,spk5, afptcp.nlm v 1.02.08 (may 19, 2004). server "b" is
nw6.0sp4, afptcp.nlm 1.02.07 (Jan 7, 2004). I'll assume that I should get
spk5 and the latest nfap patches on these servers. upgrades to 6.5 are in
the works.

from browsing through other threads: no, there's no anti-virus, and no OFM
runnng on the servers.