I'm having problems with my NW6.5.3 server and OSX machines. I have
another post for this one. So I've now loaded another server with
NW6.0.3 and have afp running here. The server seems to be handling the
problems that I was experiencing with NW6.5 better.

However, I've got a new problem. I copied the files from the old server
(6.5) to the new installed (6.0) and now I have a user who is missing
files when viewing it from a Mac OSX.3.9 machine. The files show up fine
from a Windows machine with a client. But when I look at it from the
Mac, only some of the files and folders are visible. I tried coping the
files over again with the mac and the mac says that the files are
already there, do I want to replace it? I say no and the files show up
magically. If I continue to do this, at some point the files disappear
again. They are still visible with the Windows client and if I copy it
again, I get the same message.

Anyone experience anything similar? I'm going to try to rebuild the
desktop a little later.