I have written a network-capable Windows application (Win32, C++). Every
instance on the client computers opens the same file on the server by
following means:

CFileException * pfe = new CFileException;
if (!m_AccessFile.Open("<file on server">, CFile::modeCreate |
CFile::modeRead | CFile::shareDenyNone, pfe))
if (pfe->m_cause == CFileException::sharingViolation)
return -1;
return -2;
return 0;

This code fragment runs on several hundred installations around the
world without any error (return code 0) except for two novell
environments which lead to -1 (sharing violation) if another client has
already opened the file.

How can I resolve this problem? Any help is appreciated.

The environment:
"We are currently on NetWare 6.5, SP3 (latest service pack).
The Oplock I/II is disabled on the server and so is the FC (Client File
cache). All clients connect using the latest NetWare client 4.91."

Please bear with me if this is the wrong group or the answer has already
been given.