Hi all,

we have one Problem with our Novell NFS share (NW6.5 SP3).
When i mount this export on a Redhat Linux Machine (Enterprise Linux 3), i
can not browse through the files and directoris with any application
(for example "file open" with gimp).
In a shell everything is ok.. i can see the files, change the directory,
read, write, copy etc.....
I can also browse with the File Manager, but not with an Appliocation like
gimp, mozilla ...etc.
I also can not make a directory listing with TCL

We dont have this Problem on other Unix OS (Suse Linux, AIX, Solaris,
IRIX), we have it only on our Redhat Machines.
And we dont have this Problems with other NFS-Servers (AIX) , we only have
this issue with Redhat(NFS-Client) and Novell(NFS-Server)

Does anybody has an Idea??

In advance, thank you for your answers!

Bye Volkerrs!

Bye Volker