We are in the process of upgrading our 6.0 netware servers to 6.5. We are
in the process of upgrading all our macs to Tiger (OS 10.4.2). We are
having issues with 2 of the 3 macintosh applications that we run off the

1. Accelerated Reader - no problem - any server, any mac os version of X

2. GradeQuick - no problem - any server, jaguar OS (10.2). Only runs on
panther(10.3) or tiger(10.4) from 6.0. Program runs on Tiger if installed

3. Orchard - only runs on OS9 from 6.5 server. We do not have it
installed on any 6.0 servers, but it was running on jaguar last year from a
6.0 server.

No problems logging into the server and no issues with moving files back
and forth on 6.5. Also, no problems running GroupWise 6.5 mac client and
GW Messenger mac client.

The error messages we get indicate that the program cannot find certain
files. It appears that tiger is not seeing certain files on the NW 6.5
server. Server that we are working with was Netware 6.5 sp3(OES). I
upgraded it to sp4 to see if it would make a difference and it didn't. I
don't know whether this is a Tiger issue or a Netware issue or both.

We were using simple passwords to log on to the NW 6.0 servers and have
turned on Universal password now.