All of our servers (except for the few that we have upgraded) are NW5.1 SP7
Edir we are in the process of upgrading to NW6.5 SP3(OES). Our
sites with the new servers, our users typically will place an alias of their
home directory on the desktop. Which then forces the Macs to authenticate
to the server when the user double clicks on the alias.(Netware
authentication pops up). Well today we discovered in the OSX environment
this works great. However, on the OS9.2 environment it will not force the
authentication. It simply waits and then errors out saying it (something to
the effect of) can't find the target because the drive cant be found on the
network. Yet I can always go to the chooser and then login to the server
via IP or DNS name of the server.

To further complicate the issue I have found one of our other servers that
we have upgraded where I can do the alias on the desktop and it works for
both OSX and OS9.2

If I didn't know better (and obviously I don't) I would say it is almost
like the servers that don't work are not advertising well enough to the
clients for the 9.2 machine to hear them.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
David Baughn