This summer we installed an NW6.5 OES server for our Apple classrooms after
establishing the Mac OSX-Edir integration. In our test enviroment
everything seemed fine but in our "production" enviroment with more user
the server kept on spiking to 100% utlization. We've applied OES SP1/NW65
SP4 and the latest NSS update (N65NSS4a) but the problem has not gone away.

When the server is idle it flips beteen 1-12% utlization but when users
logon it takes off towards 100% and stays there for a while utill users
finish their logonprocedure.

NRM tells us that (often) a Server process is taking up most of the
processor and especially a LSLPollprocedure.

We're using :

HP DL380 G3
2Gb memory
HP Smart Array 641 Raid controller
Intel Pro/1000 nic
Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.06GHz, Speed 3053 MHZ, Family 15, Model 2, Stepping
(Hyperthreading is disabled in BIOS and no HT-modules are loaded)

Some software info :
NW 6.5 OES SP1
AFPTCP v2.04.09 (Build 330 SP)
DS (our main DS-level is

Server has a R/W replica of the partition in which the Mac-users reside and
also functions as the LDAP-Directory server for the Macs.

Modified SET-parameters:
Maximum Pending TCP Connection Requests 1024
Largest UDP Packet Size 33792
TCP Nagle Algorithm OFF
TCP Delayed Acknowledgement OFF
TCP Sack Option OFF
File Cache Maximum Size 1328820224
Maximum Number Of Internal Directory Handles 500
Maximum Number Of Directory Handles 500
Maximum Concurrent Disk Cache Writes 1500
Level 2 OpLocks Enabled OFF
Client File Caching Enabled OFF
Maximum Service Processes 1200

Any help would be appreciated !

With Regards,

Marcel Tempelman
Deltion College
Zwolle, The Netherlands