The servers are 6.5 SP3 running NFAP, the MAC OSX is 10.4.2 updated. The
volume the macs are using is part of a cluster. The users mount the volumes
on their macs and everying is for the most part fine. If they grab a bunch
of files and copy them from desktop to server it's fine as long as it's only
a single copy process. The users are part of the hi-res department and the
files can be 1GB or larger. If they drag one or more large files, and then
while that's copying they drag some more files, so both copy processes are
running at once....quite often the volume will dismount from the desktop and
you will get unable to copy because some resource is unavailable. Sometimes
the finder crashes, sometimes not. Often the files that were partially
copied get locked and the users needs to reboot their Mac in order to delete
them. I'm getting pretty desperate hear, anyone have an idea what's going
on. I don't know if this is a Tiger thing or a large file thing or a
multiple copy stream thing, a netware thing or a mac thing.....we have
hundreds of other users running OSX 10.3 and earlier who are not reporting
this problem, but they also don't copy files that size. Someone please tell
me they have seen this before....thanks very much. Oh, before going to 6.5
and NFAP the servers were 5.1 with Prosoft server and they never had the