Hi all,

I'm runing CIFS on NW 6 SP3 in domain mode.

Are there any issues I need to consider if changing the primary domain controller for CIFS (C1-CIFS-Config screen)? I'd
like to change the primary domain controller reference to point to a newer, faster server, but I don't want to do so if
it will mess up my working configuration. I don't remember anything being loaded on the domain controller, but that may
just be my memory. Is there anything that gets loaded on the DCs? Another potential issue is that the slower server is
running W2K Server while the faster server is running W2K3. Are there any potential problems switching to W2K3?


Here is my current CIFS info:

Loading Module SETMD4.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module CIFS.NLM [ OK ]
CIFSNLM: Compile date and time is Jul 06 2005, 10:25:31
CIFSNLM Operating Parameters:
Server - "ASHFILE3"
Comment - "ASHFile3 - Common File Server #3"
Authentication - "Domain (passthrough)"
Domain - "COMMON"
Oplocks - Disabled
Async Read - Disabled
Unicode - Disabled
Share point - "PersonalData"
Share point - "Data"
Share point - "Apps"
Share point - "GISData"
Share point - "DeptApps"
Share point - "DeptData"
Loading Module CIFSPROX.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module NFAP4NRM.NLM [ OK ]