I've seen similar posts to this and have posted regarding client
connections remaining active when a user shuts down as opposed to
logging out from an Apple system. Well I'm confounded by another issue
related to this.

It seems that if the user does not log out properly (or maybe even if
they do) something about their connection does not get cleared. I
cannot find them in the connection window under monitor nor can I find
them connected via the remote manager. Since these students have
limited simultaneous logins they get an error that they are trying to
log in too many places at once. The only place I can see anything about
their connection existing is under ConsoleOne or iManger. Under the
Enviroment settings in the General Tab there is a Network Address window
that always shows the number 12.

What is this 12 anyway? Why do I get a 12 from apple systems through
nfa but an ip address from windows systems using the client?