We're having persistent problems with remote W2K machines that cannot
connect to NFAP/CIFS in domain mode. We're using NW6.5 SP3 with post SP2
cifs, nss, tcpipj and winsock patches. It's domain mode to an NT server as
the PDC. The remote W2K users have their own id's and passwords for the
local network and also different id and passwords for mapping to the CIFS

I'm getting users who can't login and phone up with an intruder lockout.
When I clear the lockouts and change the password I can log in immediately
as them on a spare NT workstation logged in as local admin, but when the
remote users try it they still get "bad password or user id" type message
and eventually another lockout. See below output from nmasmon. Specific
issue seems to be:

ERROR: -1642 Login Method
ERROR: -1642 NMAS Manager

This is a "bad password" issue, but I've reset the passwords on Windows
domain and Netware and it makes no difference.
I performed a dsrepair, cifsstop and start and "nmas refreshpolicy" on the
NFAP server a couple of weeks ago, which seemed to resolve some problems,
but now they're back (or they never really went away). As I can login fine
on a workstation here and they can't that proves the password is ok, and I'm
thinking it must be something to do with their workstations. The workstation
here is NT and is in the domain used by CIFS, but is only logged in as a
local user (administrator).

The users map the drive as \\10.xx.xx.xx\data and define the user as

Are there known issues with W2K pc's?

Steve Law