My server works fine as nfs server with NW65sp3 CPR. On the server we
store all CATIA v4 (CAD application runs on AIX 4.3.3).

Since we have installed the NW65 SP4a we cannot save CATIA files
CATIA shows an error (see TID10090805)and allways DEVICE FULL.

I switched all nfs server related files back to SP3 (first from an
other SP3 server then from nfsnis.zsp from the products directory on
the products CD - many reboots on client and server). But nothing

Every time I try to save a CATIA file the trace screen in xnfs shows in
red NFS 10006.

Last step: complete backrev to SP3 with nwconfig - reboot - everyting
works fine.

Either there are some other files involved or the SP4a has a bug.

I have only this server so I cannot try to install a SP4a server with
the sp4a overlay CD.

Any ideas?