Anybody out there that has had success applying NW65SP4a and N65NSS4B to
resolve server hangs due to AFP? I've seen the other posts that detail
problems that folks are having with NW65 and AFP. There was some mention of
patched nss code. Did these fixes make it into SP4? If not, is there an
additional patch beyond N65NSS4B.EXE that is needed? Did all of these fixes
resolve the problem?

We have a NW6.5 SP3 server that we put into production two weeks ago and
have had a need for four hard reboots including one in each of the last
three days. Many of the same symptoms that have been posted before - high
utilization (80%+), Mac users can't log in, afpstop hangs the console,
server won't go down gracefully - are showing up.

The server was installed fresh (not an upgrade) from the NW6.5 SP3 (OES)
overlay CDs. The post SP3 patches were applied (NW65OS3A, N65NSS3A, and
65afp239). File caching and oplocks were turned off. User files were
transferred and the server was placed into production and the first hang
came three days later. Then five days later again the second hang appeared
followed by the third and fourth. The strange thing is that this identical
install procedure was followed on two other servers (identical hardware)
that have been in production for several months without incident. The one
difference is that the problematic server is serving a larger user base (100
or so concurrent users as opposed to 50 or so on the other servers). A
fourth server with a similar user base was upgraded from NW6 to NW65SP3 via
the overlay CD a month ago. Post SP3 patches were applied in addition to
making a volume on the server case-insensitve and this server has also
performed without problems.

Any ideas or other things to check would be appreciated. I am applying SP4b
this evening in hopes that my problems go away.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Leach
Network Administrator
Charlottesville City Schools