Our Mac logins have once again stopped working. The problem is outlined
as follows -

NW65SP2 -
AFP versions tried -

May 2004 (with N65NSS2b) and October 2004 (65AFP221 patch)

JRBUtils together with connection table on the server showed 11 Licenced
connections as follows -

C:\>users pwf-home1/* /bm

Object information for server PWF-HOME1 at 20-Oct-2005 16:36

11 Objects, 11 licensed

But AFPTCP.NLM showed 177 connections as follows -

PWF-HOME1:unload afptcp
There are 177 active AFP sessions, but no files currently open.
Unloading AFP will disconnect these users abruptly.
Unload module anyway? n
Module AFPTCP.NLM was NOT unloaded

When this discrepency occurs the Macs cannot log in. It occurs after a
random period of server uptime. Normally not longer that 2 days.

We are now stuck because it would appear that neither AFPTCP.NLM
versions for NW65SP2 work with Mac OS 10.4.2.
After a period of time the above situation occurs and the only solution
is to reboot the server (unloading AFP causes an abend).

We have over 200 Macs all running OS 10.4.2 and this issue is causing
major service disruption.
Previously all the Macs were running OS 10.3.x and there were no
problems like the above. I suspect AFPTCP.NLM for NW65SP2 (both May and
October 2004 versions) cannot deal with a change in the Mac platform.
As far as we are aware there have been no changes to the Apple AFP
'specifications', but it is possible that Apple may have rewritten AFP
for OS 10.4 ? If this is the case, Novell need to catch up fast.

Looking at later versions of AFP for Netware 65 SP3 and SP4a, I can see
no references to any useful fixes specific to Mac OS 10.4.