we had some problems getting the cluster enabled cifs shares to work but
they're up and running now. we are trying to use one of the cifs
enabled volumes to store roaming profiles and another to use for
redirected my docs, app data, etc. For some reason the profiles won't
update. When a user logs out it gets an "access denied" error when it
tries to copy the profile from the local workstation to the roaming
profile share. I spent close to 6 hours on the phone with microsoft
this afternoon and after repeated attempts to get them to transfer the
case to someone on the windows networking side of things they wouldn't.
They still think it's a permissions error. i really don't want to spend
another 6 hours on the phone with those people! i have to think that
somewhere out there somebody else has this setup and it works:

Windows 2000 domain running Win2K SP4
2 Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server 3.0 running on Windows 2003
3 Netware 6.5sp4 servers

When a user logs into the server they can see the profile share from
the run command, ie, start, run, \\profiles\profiles\username
somehow the ntuser.pol file gets dropped in along with a couple other
files, but it never updates when you log out.

Anyone have any idea?