We are having major latency issues with some educational software from
Scholastic (Read 180, SRI, SRC) that uses Fox Pro. All last year we ran NW
6.5 with a 6.0 AFP nlm because of the case sensitivity issues, it was slow
but now that we are up-to-date it is slow enough that it is causing database
error messages to pop up.

I have contacted Scholastic and they recommend trying it on another server.
I setup a share on a OS 10.3 Server and the latency issues were gone.

I have started to experiment with the threads and the nosharing switch. I
was going to see what the returendefaultrights would turn up too. I just
noticed the logging feature as well, so I am going to turn that on and see
if anything pops up.

I also tried file attributes of transactional and shared just for kicks.
Since this is foxpro I thought it could it be some file lock issues but that
has to do with traditional volumes which we don't use (and can't anyway).

I have attempted connecting SMB via CIFS and the management program launches
extremely fast, but I receive a database error when I make changes. But the
latency seems to be gone. (3 seconds verses 25 when opening it up.)

We are running NW 6.5sp4a w/nss4b installed, with case-insensitive enabled.
Mac OS 10.3.x and 10.4.x.

Any suggestions you can offer are greatly appreciated.


Clark Fountain
Holland Public Schools