Installed NW65SP4a and NSSSP4b, and have found several issues...

First, it did not want to let Mac users (running OSX) log in until they
had deleted the persistent network server connection and re-establish it
by entering the servers IP address...

Next, it will not save files to a NSS Volume that has been working fine
up until this point. The message "Sorry, the operation could not be
completed because an unexpected error has occured. (Error code -50)

This equates to the following Mac OSX error code -

-50 paramErr Error in user parameter list

Can anyone PLEASE shed some light on this? In pre-OSX days. I'd go
hunting in the system folder on the Mac, and start butching preferences
files... but my experience with OSX is limited at best.

Any ideas what NLM broke this mechanism? I have tried to use the older
AFPTCP.NLM (pre-SP4) to no avail. Still fails to save files to the
volume that had been supporting the Mac Name Space for years.

Mike Giovaninni, CNE
MAG Consulting