I am haveing a problem with shortcuts on OSX 10.3 machines to Netware
volumes (ver. 6.5 sp4, afptcp.nlm is Version 2.04.07 July 25, 2005).
Here's the scenario: users create an aliases to volumeA and volumeB on
their desktop. A user logs in to volumeA, logs out of volume A, then logs
in to volumeB, things work fine. The problem comes when the user logs in
to VolumeA then tries to access volumeB without logging out of volumeA. The
shortcut to volumeB changes to access volumeA only - after the user
accesses volumeB while volumeA is still on their desktop, the shortcut to
volumeB will change to a shortcut to volumeA. I can't figure out a
solution. The same behavior presents itself when we make shortcuts to
applications on the two servers - if a shortcut to the "other" server is
used and it's volume is not
mounted, the shortcut will break or even disappear. Any help would be