I am trying to connect a couple of backs to a couple of our Netware OES
servers. I have had this connection working in the past but something has
broken it and am now unable to connect.

I have configured simple password for the users and made the necessary
changes to the AFPVOL and CTXS files in system/etc. I have tried cleartext
and admin accounts, no luck. I have also followed TID10096182 which
resolved a previous problem I had getting in by clearing bad SAS entries in
the user object.

My OS X (10.3 and 10.4) seemed to connect to the server ok, but can never
authenticate using either simple name or full context.

Running NMASMON, I get the following error code when authenticating:

24: ERROR: -1418 NMAS_SetIdentity Failed
24: AFPTCP: ProxyLoginCont: NMAS_Authenticate failed -1418 - <fffffa76>

I have search high and low and can't find anything on this error code.

Anybody have any thoughts? My only thought is whether or not I should have
a replica on the server I am trying to connect to...don't think I ever did
in the past but don't want to swear to it.