I've got a Netware 6.5 SP3 cluster with AFP turned on. I created a new
container for users that I would be migrating to our cluster. I enabled
UP on this container. In my initial tests, I'm almost positive that I
was able to move a user into this container and I could login from an
Mac workstation.

Now I've done a larger test migration group, and I can't get Macs to
authenticate (PC logins are working fine). It keeps telling me either
my user doesn't exist or my password is wrong. If I try enough times,
and look in Console One, I see that I'm locked out (Intruder lockout is
set to 5 bad attempts), and one of the servers in my cluster will have a
message on the screen about Intruder Lockout from the NMAS.NLM for my
user object. Also interesting is that the address from which the
intruder is detected is one of my cluster nodes (not the Mac client).

My ctxs.cfg has the user context listed, so I know that part is right.
It doesn't appear that AFP is using UP, even though it is turned on
for the user context.

Any ideas as to how to troubleshoot this? I'm stumped.