This morning, the Novell server went to 100% useage for some reason and the
system froze. After doing this 3 o4 4 times and restarting, the system
finally seemed stable. However, now the Mac susers do not have a guess
login using the AFP protocol with a guest account that they had before. I
was watching afpstrt.nlm load and noticed a read failed error. Therefore I
did a manual load and also received the same error. I found a patch for
Native file access that was very recent and applied it, but this fixed part
of the problem, but the guest account was gone. I used to load the guess
account with the command "load afptcp oldslp guest" and everything was find
for the Mac users. I cannot figure out why the machine overloaded to 100%
useage. This is the 4th Monday out of 6 that this has happened. Can
anyone give me an idea on how to get the guest account back?
Thanks in advance.