Netware 6.5 sp2 and also on NW6.5sp3 with n65os3a, n65nss3a, 65cifs22a
patches installed. (can't patch sp2 yet because it is remote and needs
partfix run during sp3 or 4 update)

The only thing I really found about this is TID 10066617
from April 16,2003 which says the defect has been reported to
engineering. Any progress on this issue since then?

We have close to 200 users in the domain and I am trying to configure
CIFS. but get:

Import StatusImport users from NT Domain: Chaos
Import Domain Failed.
Reason: CIFS error = -1

Server Properties:
CIFS and AFP checked
CIFS Virtual server name default of servname-w
wins address (PDC server runs wins)
Oplocks checked

for CIFS authentication I have:
Mode: Domain
Group Name: CHAOS

Primary Domain Controller
Name: ATE
IP Address:

PDC is a NT4 sp6a machine in the same subnet as the sp3 server.
sp2 server is another location, if I specify a local wins I get error =
-2, when I make it the PDC server it gives error = -1.

Also, NRM does not refresh the screen during import, clicking begin
refresh immediately returns the listed error.

Michael Alexander
Network Administrator
Milwaukee Valve