It seems that our clients who have updated their Macs to the latest
service patch (from 10.4.x to 10.4.3) are now experiencing issues while
attached to our Netware 6.5 sp4a servers. Trying to "save as", we are
seeing the message "couldn't save document "name.rtf" in folder "folder"
from the application "textedit." From Word X I am receiving the error
"disk is full" or "there has been a network or file permission error.
The network connection may be lost." If I try to copy a text file to the
volume I receive "Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an
unexpected error occurred (Error code -50) Strangely, I can copy a "disk
image", or .dmg file to the volume without error. Our Mac tech found a
machine that was not updated (10.4.2) and it is working fine without
these errors. Has anyone else seen this strangeness?