Test Environment:
OES-Netware server,
windoze XP workstation (no client).

I am trying to authenticate to the Netware server through the XP
workstation (no Novell client).

I browse to the server through NetworkNeighborhood, put in the eDir
credentials, but i get a message saying incorrect username or password.
I know the credentials are correct because i can log in to eGuide as that user.

I read that i needed to setup a "Universal Password" policy??

So, In iManager, under the Passwords Plugin:
i configured a new PasswordPolicy.

When i try to assigned this password policy to my Users.Active container
(where all my users are),
i get an ErrorMessage saying that this Container already has a Password
Policy assigned to it!!

This much is true. = ]

I have Identity Manager PasswordSynchronization already loaded on this Server.
In order to get password synchronization working between this Server
(Edirectory) and my test ActiveDirectory server, i had to assign the IDM
password policy to that same container: Users.Active.

So, it looks like you cant have 2 PasswordPolicies pointing to the same
container. Is this true?

It seems kind of dumb that if i setup a passwordpolicy to get password
synch'ing working, i Screw myself over because you need one for NFA.

Can anyone confirm this? Or, perhaps there is another workaround?

Is there any other way for a Windows Workstation without a NovellClient to
access a Netware server?? You know: \\NWSER01\SYS

Im at my Wits' End