We are running NW65SP4a (plus NSS post patch) on a couple of our
servers. For quite a while we've had issues with MS Word and working
directly off our Netware volumes. Our users use Word to write stories
for our publications and then save them out text only. We use Word
because we have developed several macros to assist in marking up the
files for print.

If we save the document out as text only, we get the notorious "There has
been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be
lost." error message. If we save it as a Word Document, we can save all
day long with out any errors. Once we copy over the text-only Word
document to the network drive from local disk, we can use things like
TextEdit with no problems as well. It seems to be only using Word and
choosing the save as text only file that is causing the issue. The scary
part is that if you get frustrated and exit Word with out saving to local
disk, the file on the server gets deleted.

I've searched MS KB, Googled for a few hours and read through most of the
discussions. I'm just curious if this is soley a Microsoft issue or if
there is just some weird NSS or AFP issue that I can't get my head
around. This problem existed when we were running NW64SP2 (with all the
relavant patches). I was hoping this was an issue resolved in SP4a. Any
assistance is much appreciated.

Mike G