One of the b-i-g things that is keeping us away from even considering CIFS
on our cluster is the loss of control we'd get. Natively, Windows machines
wouldn't have a login-script shoved down their throats, and we have
philosophical objections to that sort of thing.

The login-script is the one reliable, proven, and unavoidable (with the
right client settings) method we have to push out a host of settings and
changes to our Windows clients. We've done static->dhcp conversions
entierly through login script includes. It WORKS.

So I'm wondering what technologies have replaced it in a world where
running 'clientless' is an option. We do have Zen for Desktops so we have
that option. Unfortunately, there is no way to for a brand spanking new
desktop with no Client32 or Zen Agent on it to be bent to our will if they
map a drive directly via CIFS.

At least, I think... I'm not sure.


Novell, it does a network good