We have a Netware 6.5 sp3 that was just installed. I can't seem to get
attached to the server using CIFS. I have the user context set in the
config file. NMAS seems to be working and I have NICI on the
workstation and servers. We are trying to use the local workgroup
login. NMAS on the server shows me being rejected at login and the
account locks after three trys. I am using a simple password. My
lmicifs(Spelling may be wrong) is set in the account login method on my
security object.

One other question. Someplace I saw that I need to login on the
workstation with the same name that I am attaching to the CIFS server.
Is that true? The solution we are investigating is to have student
laptops attach to there home drives via CIFS. We image all of the
laptops and it would not be possible to have an individual name
associated with each laptop. All of the laptops now login as student
without a password. I would like the students to login to the CIFS
server using their own novell name. Would that be possible. If I had
to, I could have Novell do the PDC, if that would solve the problem