We migrated our department (because we believe in taking our own
medicine first) to our new Netware 6.5 SP3 cluster (all post SP3
patches). We are having inconsistent results with Mac users and
passwords. Because we weren't previously using simple password, we had
to reset passwords for our Mac users after we moved them to the new user
context, which is UP enabled.

Some seem to be able to connect with the new password, but then can't
change it. Others can change their password, but then can't connect to
one volume or the other.

This is really confusing. Does anyone have any ideas (especially
debugging or logs I can look at) to indicate what the problems could be.
I see a lot of NMAS intruder lockouts on one user who is having
trouble, who said they could connect, but not change their password.

I did see an occasional anomaly during our beta testing, but I wasn't
able to figure out what was causing it. I have a suspicion that it has
to do with what node the shared resource is on.

Does a replica have to be on the server you are connecting to in order
for this to work? Only one of our cluster servers has the replicas. In
my testing, I can connect to my file resource that is hosted on the
replica server, but not the apps resource on one of the other nodes
without a replica. I need to test the password problem more, but I
thought I'd see if anyone else has had this type of trouble in their use
of this product.