Our Service Pack 4 problems continue...

The first problems we had after upgrading to NW65SP4a were NFS stopped
working, by that I mean we could no longer read and write files to NFS
shared volumes.

In the end we had to destroy and recreate the volumes and it all
stareted working again, curiously, the volumes previously had
compression turned on, the new ones do not. (note that they worked fine
with compression turned on with SP3)


Now that NFS is working agian I figured it's time to move our Unix &
Linux home directories back to the cluster (they are currently running
on a separate NW65SP4 box)

Now it seems that NFS file locking isn't working!!

Doing an rpcinfo -p SERVERNAME shows that nlockmgr is running but when
trying to log in using linux it cannot place locks on various files and
fails, yet it works on the NW65SP4 box (but this was a none clustered

Any thoughts?