Got a puzzler here. Our MACs were recently upgraded to OSX and now those
users are complaining of extremely slow file access problems on the
NetWare volumes. It'll take up to 5 minutes to copy a 1MB file from the
NetWare volume to the MAC desktop.

They do not have a client on the MACs, simply attach via TCP/IP using
AFPTCP on the Server. Creating a shortcut on the desktop takes a very long
time, as does navigating through the file system via that shortcut. Using
the File Finder on the MAC is consistently, ever so much faster to
navigate around.

At first we looked at the local MAC systems' NIC properties and saw that
all of them were set to auto-negotiate a LAN speed and duplex. The HP
ProCurve switch was similarly set to auto-negotiate. The negotiation
process got the MACs either 10 or 100 Mbps speeds and almost exclusively
half duplex. When we forced the NIC and the switch port to connect at 100
Mbps/full duplex, the speed would improve for approximately one round of
shortcut clicks. The second time using the same desktop shortcut resulted
in a return of the slowness. We deleted that shortcut and severed that
connection to the NetWare Server, and recreated them. The first time using
the shortcut after the recreation was fine, after that the slowness returned.

AFPTCP loads with a threads setting of 8, I'll lower it to 2 or 3 to see
if that helps, but, has anyone heard of any bugs in the NetWare-OSX
communications arena? I've searched Apple and the KBase, and came up empty.

Anyone have a suggestion about what I can or should look at? Or if I've
omitted some critical piece of information, please let me know. The
NetWare Servers are 6.5 with SP3, and all of the current patches (too many
to list here). I'm a MAC novice, but there are MAC capable folks here.

Has anyone heard of a patch (either from Novell or MAC) that speaks to slow
access problems? Everything else with the network is humming along.