I am posting with hopes of finding someone who could shed some light on
a problem that we have come across.

We are currently working on trying to import passwords from Open LDAP to
EDirectory. Passwords are stored in UNIX Crypt format. We are trying
to import them using ldapmodify from the openldap tools. We have not
had success. The password seems to get set to the crypted pass. An
example would be:

Cleartext Password: fohghies
Crypted Password: {crypt}aePxNtsssqhkY

To login after the password has been set, you must use the string
{crypt}aePxNtsssqhkY instead of the original password of fohghies. We
have tried to follow the instructions included in TID10066348 and also
"Importing Encrypted Passwords Into eDirectory (Cool Solutions Trench by
Brad Williams". While using the Import/Export utility, it seems to
crash prior to making changes.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Worked through the problem? Or
have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the .LDIF file that we used with the ICE utility:

dn: cn=puppy, ou=XXX, ou=XXX, o=XXXX
changetype: modify
replace: userpassword
userpassword: {crypt}aePxNtsssqhkY

Angel Howard
Armstrong Atlantic State University