I have just upgraded a server from 6.0 to 6.5 using the 65sp4 cds then
added the nss and tcp patches. This is the first 65 install at our site
but schema updates and checks looked ok

I get an error when CIFS attempts to start (it takes a minute or two to

NSS-2.07-50: The module "CIFS" failed to initialize, status-=-1.

Additional background: This server wasn't running CIFS under NW60.
There are a few windows boxes running applications, but no domain
controller. Could the server be looking for a PDC? ie Is a PDC
required under NW65 CIFS? Or should I be looking elsewhere?

Any clues? I can't find any documentation for this error and i'm pretty
well stuck.

I can't edit the CIFS settings via iManager without CIFS started, so the
cifs config may be faulty. Does someone have a basic cifs.cfg that i
could modify to test?


Jim Birch