I've looked through a number of the threads on this list, and wanted to
note some observations as well as pose some questions.

AFPNAMES is a command line option on Netware. However, I can find
absolutely no references to it in Novell documentation. I've found 3
TIDs that reference this command. Is there some reason this command is
not documented?

When you use AFPNAMES, it would be helpful to check the current status
of your volumes before you run the options to either make your volume
case-sensitive or case-insensitive. All I could figure to do was
actually run one of the commands to see what it would do (in my VMWare
test environment of course). If the option is not set, it tells you it
set it. If it is already set, then it tells you it is already set. It
would be nice to check the status without accidentally enabling or
disabling the option.

AFPNAMES seems fairly straight forward on a stand alone server, but it
doesn't comment on what to do in a cluster environment. Is the
case-sensitive/case-insensitive option an attribute of the volume
itself, or the server that it is mounted on? It seems logical that it
would be a volume attribute, but I would like to get verification before
I apply anything in my production environment.

NSS /ExtendedMac=VOLNAME appears to be enabled by default on 6.5SP3
(installed from Overlay CD). The TIDs I looked at said it needs to be
enabled to use it. This information is conflicting, and it would be
nice to get it cleared up.

NSS /ExtendedMac=VOLNAME doesn't appear to have a way to check to see if
this option is ON or OFF. Again, I tried running the commands in my
VMWare test environment, and it will tell you if it is already on if you
execute the command to enable it. It would be much better to be able to
check the status. Can someone comment on this?