Anybody out there using Workgroup Manager to push iPrint printers to Mac clients?

We have a 10.4.3 server (hooked into eDir) running Workgroup Manager. We can
push the iPrint.dmg to 10.3.9 and 10.4.3 clients, and we can push an iPrint
printer (we're all HP here) to 10.4.x clients, however, when we try to push an
iPrint printer to a 10.3.9 client, the printer appears to install, but the
printer is listed as a "Generic Postscript printer" (which it is not) and the
printer does not work. On the 10.3.9 client, you can hit the iPrint web page and
install working printer.

The printers themselves were setup on a 10.4.3 client prior to being added to
Workgroup Manager. We tried to set the printers up on a 10.3.9 client and add
them to Workgroup Manager but this didn't help.


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