We are running a NW6.5 SP4a server with NFS. NSS media format has been
upgraded to Beast 3. In the shared folder, I have created a file from a
Linux box. I can open the file, edit it and save it as often as I want
from the Linux box. I can then open it, edit it and save it as often as
I want from a Windows XP PC with the 4.91 client installed.

However, if I then open it from the Linux box again (after making sure
the file has been closed from the Windows client), the Linux box hangs.
If I go into Monitor to see the File Lock status, it freezes as soon as
I go into the directory where the file is. The NW server itself does not
freeze immediately, but Monitor cannot be used or unloaded. Eventually,
the server will abend.

We have tested this several times. I tried the -32bitcookie option after
the xnfs command after our 2nd test, but that doesn't appear to make a
difference. Any thoughts on this?