i have a netware6 (sp4) with a few CIFS windows clients and win9x (client32
v3.4). if the CIFS client does a large file copy TO the server, the server
usage jumps to around 30-40% (normally at 1%) and the number of "current
disk requests" jumps to 1000+. The file *does* copy and with expected
speed...BUT during this time, other CIFS clients cannot access the server
(extremely sluggish) and the win9x client32 clients slow to a crawl as well
and in some cases, disconnect. In such cases it usually takes a reboot on
the client32 machines to bring them back.

During large file copies FROM the server using CIFS, no problems are
encountered. Furthermore, the client32 machines can read or write to the
server without affecting the performance of other clients.

any ideas?