Good morning!

I have a NW 6.5 server with two NIC's talking to a Linux
(RH4) server also with two NIC's. The first NIC's connect
to a 100 Mb switch that all the users connect through. The
second NIC's go to a GB switch that is used only for server
to server communication, backups, file transfers, etc. The
address space for the 100 Mb link is 10.1 and the address
space for the Gb link is 10.2.

If I export a directory on the NW server I can mount it and
use it just fine when using the 100Mb link. When I switch
to using the Gb link, the exports never show up in the
showmount list. The RPC service is there and I can see all
the other exported directories, just none of the ones I
explicitly exported to the Gb address space.

When NW boots the 100 Mb card is the first one to come up.
I have seen several issues with SMDR that requires NIC's to
be loaded in a certain order and that's why I can't change
this. If I do it breaks my backups.

Anyone else seen this issue with NFS exports?