I have CIFS enabled on NW6.5 SP3 clustered servers and virtual volumes, and
you can multiple people can map to shares FINE directly from XP workstations.

The PDC and WINS are MS 2003 servers and the Citrix servers are MS 2000

CIFSNLM Operating Parameters:

Server - "FS2-W"

Comment - ""

Authentication - "Domain (passthrough)"

Domain - "MC"

Oplocks - Enabled

DFS - Disabled

Unicode - Enabled

Domain Add-on - Disabled

Share point - "APPS"

The first person that goes through a Citrix session and maps a drive using
NET USE to the CIFS share is successful but any one after that that tries
gets an "invalid password" and prompts for password. No entry works at
this point. Also if the first person that was successful deletes their
mapping and trys to re-map they also get the "invalid password" A reboot
of the Citrix server will obviously clear it and allow the same senerio again.

The contexts are in the CIFSCTXS.CFG file and a NMASMON log shows that each
user from Citrix is sending their own user login name.

Any suggestions on what to do to cure this problem?